The Last One

Have you ever really thought about it? Not the last taco or the last donut. I mean the last time you do something for your child. A lot of the time we dread changing the diapers or all the laundry ( what a thankless job am I right?). Truth is though there will always be a last one. The last diaper you change. The last time you tuck them into bed. The last time you rock them to sleep or feed them a bottle or wipe a dirty nose. We never really know when the last one is. We just go through the motions and then one day realize that they did that all on there own and it quite frankly sucks… So cherish all the dirty noses. Look forward to rocking them to sleep or tucking them in. There only little for so long before they become little adults who don’t need us for much anymore. so do you think about when the last one will be?

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